The Past

In the past, many theorists composed accurate diagnoses of their times' state of affairs. And, considering their observations, they proposed, either an ideal or a most likely outcome. Others built open those estimations and designed methods to develop and deploy revolutionary processes.

Due to causes such as instability, easily corruptible structures, and the refinement of less radical alternatives, these projects failed. The currently remaining ones are either dying slow, mockable deaths or have deformed themselves up to a point in which it's due asking if they ever were what we believed or expected them to be. At least in our native Latin America, most progressive movements aiming to create profound change in the productive system suffer from outdated, deprecated tools and methods of project development and deployment.

Ciberiluminismo is a new framework on which to mount scalable, future-proofed, ethical projects. Ciberiluminismo is collaborative, free, open-source and easily adaptable to current structures and environments.